Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Simply put, the acupuncture needles stimulate nerves that go straight to the parts of the brain and then to the organs that have been imbalanced by physical toxins (alcohol, various drugs, bacteria, metals ect) or abstract toxins (negative beliefs and perspectives), and works towards returning brain chemistry to normal and detoxifying the organs.

Will it Hurt?

The needles that are used are very fine and are designed specifically for this treatment. However, sometimes it will pinch a little, but the sensation is brief. The best thing to do is concentrate on the breathing in and out instructions that your practitioner will give you.

Will I bleed?

You will not bleed when the needles go in. You may bleed a little when the needles are removed. However, this is quite normal and you will be given a cotton wool ball to wipe up the blood.  If you are a bleeder of hemophiliac do tell the acupuncture practitioner so it can be noted.

How long does it take to work?

Substance abuse may take an inevitable amount of sessions depending on the seriousness of the patient and should relapse occur.  Relapse does happen, but it is NO NEED to feel negative about it.  A believer and focused individual will always win!  We all fall but get back up and push forward.  AcuMedical is a strictly non-judgmental practice.

With regards to relaxation to eliminate anxiety, panic attacks ect. the effect is felt immediately and is more successful with every session. 

ADHD / ADD is a program that consists of 22 sessions.  If it is stopped before the 22 sessions are completed the return of symptoms are almost assured.  Included in these treatments are acupuncture seeds placed on the outer ear that gets replaced every week after treatment.

Detox sessions of 3 – 5 can be used during diets and other cleansing programs.  It is also good to just detox every now and then due to our habitual ways of living. 

By discussing your reasons, symptoms and goals with your AcuMedical practitioner, will bring clarity to how many sessions are needed to reach you desired outcome.